Industrial Noise Control Corp.


Some of our customers include:

60 Acoustical Enclosures for US Navy. San Antonio Class Ships (LPD 17-29) built by Avondale shipyards.

Exterran (formerly Hanover Company)

Acoustical Compressor Enclosures with fire systems, Blow Out Panels, Internal Cranes

Warren Caterpillar

Offshore Acoustical Enclosure, Weather Enclosures, UL Labeled Fuel Tanks

Stewart & Stevenson Corp.

Acoustical Enclosures, Offshore Enclosures, UL Labeled Fuel Tanks

Southern Plains Power

Acoustical Enclosures, Packaging, UL Labeled Fuel Tanks

Siemens Westinghouse Corp.

Turbine acoustical enclosures, Turbine/Generator Power Houses, Skid Enclosures

Pratt and Whitney

Acoustical enclosure for water blast cleaning systems

Atlas Copco

Acoustical enclosures and skids for air compressors