Industrial Noise Control Corp.

Integrated Lifting Skid & Enclosures

Designed for UL 2085 applications

Allows prepackaging of the genset in the enclosure and removal as a unit after testing. This is a nesting skid arrangement, the genset is mounted on the interior skid. The enclosure is dropped over and around the interior skid and the two are bolted together. The enclosure/skid combination is lifted as a unit.

This is a fully packaged 1500 kW genset with built-in 400 gallon day tank.



This package can be placed on INCC’s UL 2085 tank for performance testing and separated for shipment. This avoids shipping the tank, enclosure, and genset as separate loads.

Interior Views



Air Compressors LNG Plant Australia

Enclosure and Skid. Designed for 175 MPH winds.