Industrial Noise Control Corp.


Offshore and Specialty Skids, Fuel Tanks, and Enclosures

  • Purged and pressurized enclosures per NFPA 496
  • Heavy duty offshore skids with optional integral fuel tank (UL 142 labeled if required)
  • ABS lift test performed as required
  • A-0 to A-60 fire rated enclosures to USCG or IMO standards
  • H-0 to H-120 fire rated enclosures to IMO standards
  • Hurricane rated enclosure to meet GOM requirements of 205 MPH for 3 seconds
  • Self-framing enclosures for large turbine or compressor applications
  • Blast rated enclosures
  • Gas compressor enclosures with designs to 24′ W (shipped in 2 pieces)
  • Enclosures designed to meet European Machinery Directive requirements


S/W Ver: 96.B0.0AR

Fuel Tanks

  • UL Listed Special Purpose Tank – Protected Secondary Containment Generator Base Tank
  • UL 142, UL 2085, NFPA 30, 37 and 110
  • Full scale fire tested – limited primary tank temperature to average 260° F rise
  • Vehicle impact tested – 12,000 lbvehicle at 10 mph
  • Projectile tested – 150-grain, 30-caliber bullet, muzzle velocity 2700 fps from 100’
  • Load tested – 1000 lbs. per square foot
  • Double-walled rectangular steel tank is a UL listed special purpose tank, secondarily contained and protected, and vaulted with special light-weight concrete.
  • Tank supports generators weighing up to 60,000 pounds.
  • 30-year warranty covers primary tank, secondary tank, and concrete vaulting.
  • Concrete vaulting between inner and outer tank provides minimum two-hour firewall rating per Uniform Building Code.
  • Includes earthquake/hurricane restraint tie-downs.





  • Gas, fire detection, and fire suppression equipment installed
  • Overhead hoist to meet maintenance needs
  • Turnkey installation available
  • Electrical packages installed to meet NFPA, CE, GOST, or ATEX requirements